Saturday, May 28, 2011

Up and Running!

In more ways than one!

#1... Blogger works again! 

#2... I am RUNNING!!!  I can run every other day for 8-10 minutes.... (but I might, might, go a little bit longer today because Thursday's run felt so so good.  I cannot even describe the bliss I feel while running after this god-awful hiatus.  Even coming back after six months of not running during my pregnancy wasn't this good... well, that probably had something to do with the 30 extra pounds, the c-section and my huge milk bags... but the point is... this is AWESOME!!!!

I, being the awesome wifey that I am, am letting my husband sleep in this morning.  Kids woke up at 6 am sharp, and now it's 8 am, they've eaten breakfast and are playing sweetly in the basement.  As soon as hubs stumbles outta bed... I'm outta here!

I feel like I've done you all a great disservice by my recent lack of pictures of my kids... they are so handsome, I'm pretty sure you can't have a bad day after looking at them:

Two babies + One swing = Most fun thing ever.
We don't call him Alex Monster for nothing.

No-lo playing shy.

This is the look I get whenever I catch Nolan being naughty.

Alex lovin the swing.
OK... I hope you all have a super awesome Saturday!  I'll be back later to let you know how my run went.

OH!!  Rachel ran a race yesterday and took over two minutes off her 5k PR.  This is only a few weeks after getting a ridiculous PR at the Green Bay Half Marathon... she is on fire!  Go tell her what a rockstar she is.


  1. Hooray for running! And your boys are just too cute!

  2. PS, we seriously need to have a playdate soon. I feel as though we should take our twins to a restaurant and try to convince the waitress that one of us had quads.

    That would be hiLARious.


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