Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Diagnosis

Happy Thursday everyone...

Went to the physical therapist yesterday, and I have to say... it was great.  This guy is awesome - ran Boston last year, super athlete, and totally understands my desperation to get back to running.

He did lots of balance, flexibility, and gait tests, and spent almost two hours poking around my leg.  Turns out I have posterior tibial tendonitis.  So basically I have a ton of exercises, soft tissue manipulation, and icing to do during the next four to six weeks.  I'll be going to PT twice a week as well... and no running at all till the end of June-ish.

It sucks that I'll be out for so long, and I'm worried about all of the fitness that's slipping away... but I'm super happy to have a diagnosis and be on the road to recovery.

And hey!! It's Thursday!

You know what that means...

I hate the sudden, gripping fear you get when you log into Facebook and see that someone has tagged a photo of you... and you have absolutely no idea what it might be.  

I think this especially applies to runners, see previous post on Race Photos.

Oh yeah, that's me all gaspy and uncoordinated rockin the headband.  This is par for the course for running photos for me.  Thanks to my future sister-in-law for putting this gem on the world wide web.  :)


  1. The best part is you can get her back so good this weekend. Start snapping away when she gets to about mile 11 and she how she likes that when it shows up on FB. hahahah I'm evil.

  2. so glad you have a diagnosis and now you can work toward a goal to being completely healthy!

    I agree...I get SO anxious when people post pictures of me unexpectedly. its one thing when I am expecting it...but when I am not expecting it...cue anxiety!

    have a good day!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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