Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Triple True Confessions Tuesdays


I'm feeling better still today.. and am going to try to get the kids out for a walk... hopefully that will lead into a run tomorrow.  I've decided I'm going to do an eight miler this week or weekend, and if I can do that easily, I'm still on for the half.  And if not, that's cool too.  (see?  I have a new attitude!  I am pretty sure this will fix my shin.... :))

OK!  So, on to the confessions....

  • One of my most dearest wishes is that when they have to put you under anesthesia for something (in my case, impending wisdom tooth removal), they could just take care of all of the other painful things you've been putting off.  What's that, you want to fill that cavity?  OK!  Hey, why don't you take care of that skin tag too (nobody tells you about THOSE before you get pregnant!).  And oh, you know, I could really use a bikini wax too.  Great.  Thanks.

  • I buy too many shampoos and conditioners... and then I use about a quarter of the bottle and into the cabinet it goes.  Seriously, I have an entire cabinet dedicated to fallen hair products.  But I'm too cheap/ environmentally guilty/ all-around guilty to throw them away, so every once in a while I bite the bullet and use up all the old stuff that I hated.  This is my least favorite time of the year.
  • Something awesome you may not know about me - I make the perfect smoothie.  Every time.  Not only are they incredibly delicious and nutritious, I don't measure anything, yet somehow when I pour them out, they always come right up to the top of the glass, with no extra.  I think Guinness World Records will be very interested to hear this.
OK, tell me something interesting about you!

Also, tell me what kind of shampoo and conditioner is the very best so I can stop buying crappy stuff!


  1. please make me the perfect smoothie!! i was into smoothies for a while and then accidentally made a bad one and it has ruined it for me for a bit. I need a re-introduction with something fabulous!

    i use garnier. and its pretty much all i can use...otherwise my hair looks super greasy and like i never washed it. i usually use the curly hair kind but can use any of them that look like the whitish substance...not the ones that come out like gooey yellowish...those make my hair look dirty. i also have to use pantene spray-in conditioner. my hair hates regular conditioner. blah.

    good luck with your running this week!! pulling for you!

  2. I use Pantene, but I think you knew that. I was buying the "Big Sexy Hair" brand for a while but that got too expensive. Actually, I think you knew that too! Gah get out of my head!

    I think for anesthesia they need a better soultion than jabbing a big needle in your arm - like anesthesia in the form of chocolate cake. You won't have to tell me twice that I need surgery! :)

  3. I'm terrible about making smoothies! I always end up with WAY more than I need, every single time!
    I always finish whatever hair product I buy. It's my rule--can't buy another one until this one is finished!

  4. #1 sounds like a great idea and while I am under they could fix that I get completely freaked out in a big way when I have to go under.
    (That is also the only not quite interesting thing I could think of about me.)


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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