Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You should a need license...

... to operate a video camera.

Seriously, I suck at it, and I never knew I sucked at it.  And it sucks finding out new things I suck at, because I already suck at enough stuff.

I took video of four of the five of my runner buds crossing the finish line (Mattie was just too speedy for me to capture apparently).  Not only does the whole screen bounce around the whole time because I didn't realize jumping up and down while recording wasn't a great idea, but my commentary and weird screaming is a little disturbing.

I also took a video of Rachel at 10 miles, and while there isn't as much jumping, and I managed to keep her in the frame for the whole ten seconds, it's way worse...

I debated whether to put this video on here, because it's weird and a little creepy and even a little inappropriate, but then I thought it was only fair that you all get a glimpse of the real me.  And, I've watched it like 6 times today, and it makes me laugh every time... mostly because of the weird frantic way I asked Rachel how she was doing, and also the seriously dirty laugh I throw out there in the end. 

But in the end, I decided to post it because Rachel has taken about 14 minutes off her PR in two races... she is incredible, and has just really started hitting her stride (when in doubt, go with the pun) this season.  So proud of her.  So go to her blog, and tell her how awesome she is, and how sorry you are that she has to put up with me.

And if you don't want to come read my blog anymore, I understand.

And hey, if you don't want to hear my shrill 7 year old girl voice, watch it with the sound off and check out Rachel in the pink rufflebums!


  1. bahaha. this post makes me laugh! dang it...I am at work and cannot watch the video right now. but just reading your post makes me want to race home and watch it first thing. and that is saying a lot because I do not always watch all the videos out there in blog world...haha!

    sounds hilarious! glad you made the most of cheering on everyone at the race! I am sure they loved having your awesome support!!

  2. oh man it made me laugh too. It's awesome!!!!!

  3. You mean this is not how video is supposed to look? Surely you jest.

  4. The laugh was pretty funny!

  5. haha this is awesome...i also shot a video this weekend of my friend dancing around the hotel room before we went out for her bacherlorette party. it would be an awesome video if i would have just kept my mouth shut! i think its great that you filmed your friends running :)

  6. Okay, so I put up a blog. Maybe I'll write on it, maybe I won't :)

  7. I love this video...especially the end. haha. You're such a great encourager!!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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