Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Triple True Confessions Tuesdays

Hey guys, back after my long hiatus from the blog...

Had an awesome Mother's Day... we had a cook out at my mom's house.  We had chicken, steak, and veggie kebabs, quinoa pilaf, fresh cantaloupe... and a delicious triple layer tiramisu cake.  mmmmmm. 

In honor of all of that delicious grub, I have a food-themed TTCT for you today....

1)  Nick and I one of those weird disaster-prepared couples... and I am a bargain hunter.  Consequently, we have a well stocked pantry.  A REALLY well stocked pantry.  Some call it prepared, some call it hoarding....

Yeah, so what if I have five things of fabric softener?
2)  I used to hoard candy.  Seriously, ask my mom.  I used to collect Halloween/Easter/clearance candy in one of those heavy-duty paper boxes and keep it in my closet.  I never ate any of the candy, but I liked to have a lot of it.  Just in case.

3)  This one's embarrassing.  I found this last week in the pantry:

Yes, that's a basket of potatoes that has sprouted 16" long tentacles... the worst part is, I go in the pantry every single day.  How did I miss this? 

Well, I'm going to physical therapy for the leg issue, and am going to sit out this weekend at the half marathon.... but I'll get to cheer on Rachel, and all of the first time half marathoners in our group:  my future sister-in-law Alicia, my former coworkers Mattie and Nikki, and my MOMMA!!! 

My mom is awesome.  She is 58 (err.. I mean 35) years old, and just started running in December.  She's followed a training program and just did a TEN MILER the weekend before last.  Seriously, I am going to cry every time I see her run by me during the race on Sunday.  She's great. 

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  1. i am sorry to hear that you cannot run this weekend but I hope PT helps you heal quickly! SO cool that your mom is running the half!!! that will be so amazing to be able to watch and cheer her on :)

    that potato picture is hilarious. My pantry actually almost looks that full and I live by myself...oops. I love food.


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