Sunday, May 15, 2011

Race Weekend Recap

We need to talk about the race today!!

All of our runners finished - and EVERYONE got a new PR!!!  It was SO windy... and everyone toughed through.. and I may have cried more than a few times on the course. 
Nikki, Rachel, Mattie, Alicia, and Joan (my momma!!) at La-la-la-LAMBEAU!!!

Rachel and I made awesome signs for everyone... here they are:

The name of our crew: "A Bunch of Sexy Ladies (and Matt)"

Rachel's rufflebum panties are the key to success... so glad I could add some pink striped socks to her ensemble. 

Woo Hoo!! Momma did GREAT!

Ummm.. This is a long story.. and likely offensive... are you sure you to hear it? 
OK, so we were all at a race a few years ago, and a spectator is standing by a church with a shirt that reads... oh wait. Nope, I googled it and I guess this is an actual shirt you can buy, so here it is:


Ha, I can't believe I found that picture.  Anyway, so instead of calling Matt that not-so-work-friendly word whenever he whined about something, I'd just tell him to not be someone Jesus hates.  Worked like a charm.  Well, Mattie signed up for his first half marathon, and I knew if he finished it, he wouldn't be someone Jesus hates anymore..  Thus the sign. 

OK, back to the nice signs.

Nikki's getting married in a few weeks, so we made this one for her fiance to hold up!

And, Alicia is getting married to my brother next year, so we may have saved a little ink and energy and doubled up the signage... sue me.

It was a wonderful day, and I cheered my heart out.  And I didn't even get sad about not running until it was all over.  And then I got very sad.  :(  But, I had a talk with the tendon, and I'm pretty sure he's ready to start behaving.

I'm uploading all of the video I took during the race... check back tomorrow!

Oh!  And special shout-out to AMY!!!! I looked for you... did not see you... but I totally stalked your race results because I'm creepy.  Well, let me be honest.  I signed up for the text message tracking for your bib, because I'm realllly creepy.  Thought you should know that about me.  Anyway, you did SO WELL!!! WOOOOO!!!  Hope you're out cocktailing it up girlie, you deserve it.  :)

Hope your weekend was fantastic everyone!!


  1. GAH! I totally saw your friend in the pink ruffle panties!!!!! I was right behind her around the 10 mile mark (I think-it's all a blur)and I rrrreeeeeeeaaaaally wanted to run up to her and ask if she knew you, but then I thought about it. How would you feel if someone ran up to you at mile 10 and said:

    "Hi! I was noticing your panties! Do you know Kim?"

    So I thought better of it.

    I ate copious amounts of Thai food and had several glasses of plum wine, which I almost didn't get do to an *ahem* gastrointestinal situation and a lack of Immodium in my house.

    We? Totally need to be friends IRL, because I? Would have stalked your race number as well.

    Congratulations to everyone in your group!!!! It really turned out to be a beautiful day, inspite of the punch-you-in-the-face-and-steal-your-will-to-live wind at the end :)

  2. Oh, I should add that I have purchased the "Jesus hates pussies" shirt for myself and my husband.

  3. Amy! That would have been great if you would have said that to me!

    I did have one lady tap me on the shoulder, point at my butt and say "love the outfit!" :)

  4. Rachel, I hope you read your email, because your whole group's PRs (and mine, too!) just got better. The course was long by 0.15 miles!

    Next year I'm doing that bitch in under 2 hours!

  5. Heck yeah Amy - I'm going for sub-2 in Chicago this year if my dumb foot situation resolves itself quickly enough.

    Man Rachel, your ass is FAMOUS!

  6. Heck yeah on the sub 2:00. You can both do it!

    I was gonna go for a sub 2:10 at Chicago but now it looks like I need to up my goal after the Green Bay times are adjusted. Ack! Sub 2:05 maybe?? Yikes. That sounds fast.

  7. I keep thinking that it's pie in the sky to consider a sub-2...but I shaved 17 minutes off my previous PR just since October. It has to be possible, right?

    I have decided to get some speed coaching over the winter :) It's time.

    You are fast, Rachel. Must be the Power of the Panties!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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