Friday, December 2, 2011

Gender Equality in Bathroom Advertising

Ha - so last night, I was with my friend Matt at a local watering hole throwing back a few brewskis, and he came back from the bathroom laughing about a sign above the urinal. Naturally, I sent him back in to the loo to snag a picture with his fancy phone, and this is what he came out with:

Yes, that's an ad for "All Things Jerky", and the tagline is "Exotic Meat... That's what she said."


Super hilarious. 

But then I started thinking... you know what?  Women's bathrooms never have awesome ads like this. Where's women's lib when we need it?  All of the ads I see are for engagement rings and divorce lawyers and diet pills.  

A beer and half later, nature called and I headed to the ladies' room.  Much to my surprise and delight, I  saw an equally awesome ad for the same company on the stall door.

I don't have a "fancy" or "fully-functional" camera phone, so it doesn't take  as "nice" of pictures.
That's right.  "All Things Jerky - Try My Nuts".  Apparently the jerky is not the only thing that woos the masses...  they're also famous for their deep fried peanuts.  Welcome to Wisconsin ladies and gentlemen.

And what do I like more than the excessive use of "air quotes"?  Nothing.  But gender equality in bathroom signs is a close second.  

Happy Friday.  Oh yeah - I ran yesterday.  Shhh.. don't tell my doctor.  :)


  1. Yes! Love these signs. MORE INFO ON THE RUN! Was it ok?

  2. Hope you feel ok!! Love the signs! :)

  3. Ha ha ha! Air quotes. Reminds me of Friends when Ross was trying to talk to Joey and he didn't understand what the air quotes mean.


  4. Deep fried peanuts and alligator jerky? That is a company after my own heart.

  5. Oh, those are funny signs. I am glad to see that women's lib has reached the bathroom stall!! I hope your run was great and pain free!! I am so jealous!

  6. Wisconsin is clearly the place to be. Or at least pee.


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