Thursday, December 15, 2011

Injury Recovery Program

Hey, good morning everyone.

As always, I super appreciate all of the kind comments on my injury post yesterday.... so THANK YOU!

When I was looking for a training program to help me ease back into running after 3.5 months off, the one that I found was Pfitzinger's stress fracture recovery program.

It turned out to be way, way too aggressive.  Two runs in and I was feeling twinges in my femur, so I took another two weeks off and started my own plan, with the guidance of the super sweet Morgan (who is RUNNING again!!!)

I wanted to detail my plan so if it works, people can look at it as an option for a recovery program, and if it doesn't I'll be able to see my mistakes in black and white.

So!  I waited until I was completely without pain for about 8 weeks - I could hop on my injured leg and could walk briskly for 90 minutes without pain.

I've been running three days a week.

Week 1 - .25 mile walk .25 jog .25 walk.25 jog .25 walk and then add .25 jog if no pain.
Week 2 -    .25 walk, .5 jog, .25 walk, .5 jog, .25 walk .5 jog, .25 walk
Week 3 -   .25 walk, 1 m, .25 walk
Week 4 -    .25 walk, 1.5 m, .25 walk
Week 5 -  .25 walk, 2 m, .25 walk
Week 6 -  .25 walk, 2.5 m, .25 walk
Week 7 - .25 walk, 3 m, .25 walk
Week 8 - .25 walk, 4 miles, .25 walk
Week 9 - .25 walk, 5 miles, .25 walk

It seems like painfully slow progress, but I'm happy with any little bit of running I can do.

I'm also committing to myself to foam roll after every run, and incorporate quality cross training like swimming, spinning, rowing, and yoga to help my body become more well-rounded.

Yesterday, I finished week 2 pain-free, so tomorrow I get to run ONE MILE without stopping!!!

***If I don't ever update my blog again, I'd appreciate if someone could come find me.  I'll be fighting my husband and children for puking rights at the "cleaner" toilet in my house.  Bring Gatorade, Immodium, Pedialyte.  All four of us are pukey sick, and it's pretty much the worst thing ever.***


  1. Slow progress is better than no progress.

    I'm glad you have a solid plan.

  2. Looks like a great plan. I'm playing around with what to do as well, but thankfully it has only been a little over a month off. Feel better!!!!

  3. A solid steady plan to get back form injury, you will do well.

    Sending lots of get well vibes to all xxx

  4. Hope you all get better...I'd give ya hugs, but I don't want to catch it!

  5. First: It's so good that you wrote down that injury timeline. I think it will definitely help you (and others!) avoid injury in the future.

    Second: I'm glad you are back at running! GO SLOW. Seriously. This program looks good.

    Third: We should always see a Physical Therapist way before we finally do. Don't you think?

  6. Hope you continue to make steady progess and feel better soon!

  7. What doesn't kill you makes you stronge.....OK, I deserved that slap :)

  8. Oh I am so sorry you are all pukey sick. That is the worst!!! Especially when both mom and dad are sick. Ugh! Get better and happy running!

  9. Yay for having an amazing plan and getting back to running the smart way.

    I hope you all start feeling better soon. I am thinking about you!


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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