Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ménage à Trois of Sports ... Indoors?

Seriously, if I was marketing a triathlon, I would totally christen my event the Ménage à Trois of Sports.  If you steal that, and get rich, you're frickin welcome you stealer.

My two big fears about triathlons are the open water swimming and the biking.  I am not thrilled with the idea of someone swimming over the top of me and then having to swim through the pee they left in their wake.

 I'm also not thrilled with the idea of having to ride my 15 year old Schwinn mountain bike with a bunch of other people, trying not to careen wildly off a cliff, and riding through the pee-mist trailing behind all of the experienced triathletes.

For the record you dirty triathletes - I had NO IDEA you actually peed while riding the bike.  This opens up completely new pee horizons for me to explore, and I couldn't be more thrilled/disgusted/intrigued.

Yesterday, several of you mentioned indoor triathlons.... which is EXACTLY what I am thinking.

I'm gonna catch you!
I found out that several rec centers in Wisconsin put on indoor triathlons, and  I am pumped!  They all vary slightly in format and distance, but most of them are as follows:

10 minute swim
10 minute transition
20 minute spin bike
5 minute transition
15 minute treadmill run

This sounds like way less pressure than a traditional tri - semi-familiar equipment, no rushed transitions, lap swimming, no weather/waves to contend with.

Have you ever done an indoor triathlon?

It sounds pretty freaking fun, doesn't it?


  1. They pee on their bikes?! Whoa this is allll news to me. An indoor tri sounds like a good idea... it'll be a good way to dip a toe in to see if you like the sport or if you'd rather tri something different. He he

  2. Seriously, what's with all the pee? Don't they just go beforehand? I mean I've never had to stop to pee in all my races to this date. I'll never understand all that crap - no pun intended.

    I plan to do some training indoors for a tri - in just that format. Not sure if they have any official indoor tris down here though? Hmm, will have to do some searching...

  3. When I lived in Kona we used to volunteer for the Ironman. I will never forget when I realized WHY we were handing out sponges!

  4. Sounds freakin' boring....You should come do the TRI with me :) Ummm, and I'm pretty sure I'm not pissing on my bike.

  5. People shouldn't be peeing during shorter tris, so don't worry about that.

    The only way to get over open water swims is to practice.

    And, the more you bike, the better you feel. No time like the present!

  6. I would love to try an indoor tri! I am very scared of the open water swim too, just freaks me out! The pee flying in the water doesn't skeeve me out at all, I swam and played water polo all through school and we let the pee fly freely!

  7. I'm trying my first (outdoor) tri this summer. An indoor one is a good way to test the waters, I bet!

  8. That indoor tri sounds like something even I could do! I tried at one point to train for a sprint, and couldn't handle the swimming. Something about my heart rate going up and having my face in the water threw me into semi-panic attacks. I'm not sure how to get past that other than getting in good enough shape that my heart rate doesn't go up. Yeah, right. LOL

  9. - You will be surpised the array of bikes at a race, anything from $10k to $50 Walmart clearance. Your bike will be fine, some races have a "fat tire division" allowing your times to be compared to others on a mountain bike.

    - Peeing on a bike is tough and takes practice and its almost a skill within itself, its not that common in races, it happens mostly in long course races. I serious doubt you will see it happen in your race. Have I done it? Well, lets just say I earned this shirt


    - Indoors tris, I have never done one, they are pricey here, but its a good way to get race experience

  10. Like other folks have been saying, indoor tris are a great way to test the world of triathlon. The Oshkosh YMCA has two of them (January and March) if you're interested.

    I've done them before and they're a nice way to break up the monotony of winter training.

  11. One of our YMCAs does an indoor tri and I'm thinking about doing it. I like the idea of having more control over everything in a gym setting. Otherwise I'd probably never do a tri!


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