Thursday, December 22, 2011

Swimming Can Suck It.

Well, the honeymoon is over.  All of those rosy thoughts that I shared earlier in the week about training for a triathlon?  Gone.

Kim early this week:  

"Ooh.. a triathlon!  How positively divine!  Where do I sign up?"

Kim now:

 "F**k this."

Why did I think I liked swimming?  I must have been drunk.  And remember how much my bits hurt with that one stupid spin class?

Yeah, I had a bad swim yesterday.  I felt so uncoordinated and whatever the opposite of hydrodynamic is.  So I'll give it another go today or tomorrow, but it really left me questioning my motivation.

Why do I want to do a triathlon?

Is it so I can have a body like this? 

Duh.  They just photoshopped her head onto my body.  Errr...

Is it so I can have bragging rights?

Kind of.

 Is it so I can get an awesome tattoo like this?

OK, maybe not, but it's pretty sweet.

Is it because maybe, just maybe, that I'm terrified that if I put all of my eggs in one basket (running) the next time I get injured I'll have to have myself committed?



To make me feel better, tell me something funny that happened to you this week.  See any funny websites/movies/mannequins?  Let me know.


  1. Swimming is tough, most triathletes will say that swimming is the worse part of the race. Most people dont come from a swimming back ground. I came from a swimming back ground and I struggle at the swim sometimes. Some days, the water will feel effortless and the workout will be a breeze, somedays it will feel like your fighting in the water, that your going nowhere. Every triathlete has these days. I dont know when the last time you swam laps, but it takes time for the form to come back, it might take a week or two. I have not been in the pool since my last race on 10-2, I am not looking forward to when I do get back in because I know its not going to be pretty for the first week. I suggest to give it a month, it does get easier. And if for some reason the swimming doesnt click, then look into duatlons and revisit tris later. Hang in there, its well worth all the sacrifice

  2. Oh-great... thanks for the boost Kim! lol

  3. Oh, man, I hate swimming. Sometimes. But, it gets easier, and it gets better. Mostly, you get better at it, so it feels easier.

    But, listen. If it continues to suck, you don't HAVE to do a tri. If you want to do it, and you will enjoy doing it, then do it. But, if things continue to suck, for weeks, it's okay to not do something that you hate.

    But, give it time. Because your butt will adjust, and you'll have better swims, and maybe things will look rosier.

  4. Funny you said mannequins cause the one at the mall that my daughter so quietly (screamed) pointed out didn't have any pants or panties on! Put some clothes on your freakin' mannequins.

  5. First of all, you totally made my day with your comment on my blog! Totally made me want to jump for joy (but I refrained because I want this kid to stay inside another 3 weeks).

    Second, this post is awesome. I hate swimming too. Once you get in biking shape it wont suck so bad. I've never done a tri, so my words of wisdom are non. But don't give up. You'll totally have bragging rights I never will!

  6. That is the cutest puppy dog sad eyes face I've ever seen, love it!

    Oh ...... and to beat your fear into submission?!?!?!

  7. Maybe train like a triathlete but just do running races?

    That dog picture almost had me in tears. Seriously.

  8. I put a water bottle in a sock, made it look like a dong and then posted pictures on my blog. Did that cheer you up?

    Swimming sucks.

  9. LOL I had a spin instructor just the other day tell the class that your bits will hurt after the first class or two. After that you get used to it. I guess the bits build up endurance. ha.


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