Monday, December 19, 2011

I'll Never Know if I Don't Tri...


Oh yeah.. these tri/try jokes are going to get old in a hurry.

I think I'll only do triathlons and relays from now on because I can "tri" to have a "relay" good time!  ha.  I kill myself.

Anyway!   The thought of a triathlon first floated its way into my noggin during one of my first swimming lessons.

It just seems like the natural progression of things:

  • Runner gets injured
  • Runner must become less obsessed with running to curb desire to fling oneself off of high building.
  • Runner becomes more obsessed with "cross-training"
  • "Cross-training" becomes actual training.  
  • Runner can run again, continues multi-sport training.
  • Triathlon.

I'd like to interrupt this delightfully bullet-pointed list to point out that if this were the true natural progression of things, this spring I would surely be competing in a pentathlon where participants would swim for a while, spin for awhile, get roughed up by a ferocious female boot camp instructor, drink two vodka tonics, and run a 5k.

That would be an interesting statistic:  how many runners do their first triathlons as a direct result of injury.  I think it's probably 37%.*

So, I'm going to draw on the experience of all of you experienced triathletes, as well as all of the runners and anyone else who has an opinion ....

Have you ever done a triathlon?

If not, why not, and would you ever consider it?

If so, tell me in three words why I should tri!

* 64% of all statistics are made up.


  1. I suck at swimming and hate swimming so I could not do a tri.

  2. - If you get injuried and cant run, you can still bike and swim, you can also race to, called aqaubikes (just the swim and bike portion of a tri)also can do duathlons if you are not happy with the swim progress.
    - Your running will drop a little, that is because you are training for 2 additional sports.
    - I love triathlons, they are very addicting. I suggest for the first one to find a pool swim race, open water swimming is very different then in a pool.
    - I wont say it will be easy, I will say it will be worth it

  3. I have never done a TRI but am registered for my first one in July. I have tons of training to do. I completely suck at swimming. And Big Daddy's comment on do a pool swim race first, uhhh I am doing an open water race. That just made me nervous

  4. I've got my first TRI on the calendar for next August!! So nervous, but it sounds so exciting too!
    Think about it...
    Oshkosh Area Triathlon, Aug. 5 in Winneconne, WI. They have both the sprint & olympic distances.

  5. ha ha, you're so witty..tis why I love your blog. :) Definitely on to something here..I've never done a tri but I was all geared up and ready to do one last summer AFTER coming back from my huge hamstring injury. I started swimming and biking on my way back to running and thought..."I should do a tri". :) Go for it! I think it's hot. ha!

  6. Since I am not a fan or neither swimming nor biking I will gladly decline joining you. :) But I think you would be 'relay' awesome at tris. I will make signs and be your #1 fan.

  7. Do it. You have zero reason not to. I have done....3.5 now? I'm craving my next one already.

  8. I haven't done a triathlon yet, but have definitely given it some thought this past year. My biggest obstacle is the swim. I can probably swim enough to save my life, but that's about it.

    I got as far as checking my local YMCA's for pool & lesson info, and then I ran from I'm sure an 8 mins pace :)

    I think it's a great idea! Sounds like a perfect time as well, since you're rebounding from injury.

  9. I've not done a try and don't plan to really, all that training would surely kill me ...... NO????!!!!!!! ;-) But I am open to change my mind.
    Find the blog Swim Bike Mom if you haven't already, actually here she is

  10. Never. I will never do one.

    Water + Amy = Guaranteed drowning of a mother of two.

    I admire others who do, though!

  11. I never used to do any cardio but running, but now I secretly love my spin bike. Except if it was a real bike outside I would die. Um...virtual winter triathlon to start? Indoor bikes, treadmill runs and pool swims? Not kidding at all. I want to do this. What do you say?

  12. I'm the exact opposite of most triathletes - I'm a swimmer first, runner second (biker...never). It's great for changing up expectations and goals AND it's a lot of fun! You'll love it, dive in and give it a Tri!

  13. Yes, I have tri-ed. I didn't enjoy it. I might try it again, but probably not.

    Duathlons are fun, though :)


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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