Thursday, December 8, 2011

Urine Luck... it's Things I Hate Thursdays!

Oh yeah, I just did that.  Seriously, as I was writing the post yesterday I realized just how much I talk about peeing on my blog.... peeing and swimming, babies peeing on screen doors, radioactive pee, getting peed on in the shower at the Y.

Perhaps I should rename my blog.  Peeing in the Twin Lane.... catchy, huh?


This is not actually a urine themed TIHT.  I know guys.   Wipe away those tears of disappointment and soldier on.

There's nothing I hate about my husband.  He's wonderful.  There are, however, a few things my husband does that I don't really care for... and only one thing I really, really hate.

My sweet husband, in an apparent attempt to either make laundry easier or cause midday vomiting for his wife, does this:

When he takes off his socks, he pairs them, and then leaves them on the ground.  I think he just wants his socks to stay buddies and not lose each other through the crazy laundry journey, and I appreciate his intent.

However, what actually happens is I pick up the socks, and inspect them for visible signs of dirtiness.  Usually, they look fairly clean, and I'm not going to create extra laundry by washing perfectly clean socks.  I'm also not going to put dirty socks back in his drawer, so I give them the ol' sniff.

Apparently, one of my shortcomings that was coincidentally first noticed when doing the poop-check-butt-sniff on my babies, is that I can't just take a little sniff of something.  It's all or nothing.

And when I take a huge whiff of worn-all-day dress socks and I'm expecting them to smell like sunshine and laundry soap, it pretty much ruins my day.

What's getting under your skin on this beautiful Thursday?  

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  1. Oh wow - this would drive me crazy too. At least there is a thoughtful purpose behind it though. My husband takes off his socks when he climbs into bed and if I don't pick them up, there will be a PILE of socks by the bed.

  2. Wait...did you just say it's Friday?! Oh how I wish ;)

    My husband constantly throws his dirty socks and shirts AROUND the hamper in the hall way. They very rarely make it INSIDE.

  3. Ha! Confession? I take my stepson's jammies out of the laundry and put them away without washing them. He puts everything in the laundry after one wear, and PJs can be worn more than once.

  4. Oh man, I did say Friday. Yikes.

    I changed it so that is not the thing getting under everyone's skin on this THURSDAY! :)

  5. Oh wow....I would never do a sniff check. Tom always takes his socks of and they end up inside out...well how the heck are they going to get really clean when the dirtyness is on the inside! He doesn't seem to catch on though.

  6. husband throws his clothes on our floor and then complains that I washed clean clothes ....I always say, then don't throw them on the floor ;) lol

  7. My husband does the SAME THING!!!!! I agree the intention is honorable, but really, I just have to unpair them, or in some cases, unpair and un-ball them (is there such a term?). More work than is necessary and totally annoying.

    Overall, I can't complain....BUT (if I'm thinking of my own "complaining post") you did ask. I wouldn't want to be rude and not answer :)

  8. You crack me up. I think it is funny that he pairs up dirty socks. I don't get it. Why? My husband leaves his dirty socks all over the house too but he doesn't pair them up. Still annoying.

  9. My husband just leaves his socks and shoes all throughout the house for me to gather when my OCD cleanliness kicks into high gear.

  10. Hah! my boyfriend is OCD clean. I'm happy when he cleans but it's annoying when he hides my stuff (especially my running gear!) in an attempt to clean!

  11. bahahahaha. omg. i want to say that would drive me crazy too. except i do the same thing with my socks. omg. this just convinced me to pick up my socks though. seriously.

  12. Umm I am trying to think what Aaron does with his... now that we have a laundry chute it is far more fun to toss things down the chute than leave them on the floor. Epic win!

  13. My husband is like Vanessa's, they pile up on his side of the bed unless I clean them up. I think he might be under the impression that this is where his dirty socks go, because he leaves them there and magically they show up clean in his drawer!


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