Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Longer Days and Even Longer Nights

Happy Winter Solstice!  Hooray for being done with the days getting shorter... I am looking forward to the extra moments of sun we'll be getting every day from tomorrow on (until June, that is).

I'm pretty sure my kids have been trying to turn me into an alcoholic.  

They have been having a harder time going to sleep and have really started to fight the bedtime thing.  By the time they are finally asleep, I am so ready for a beer I can actually here them calling my name from the fridge.

So when I saw this book mentioned on Fit in Heels' facebook page, I went to YouTube, and found this gem:

Go the F**k to Sleep
 narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

Ok, ok, I wouldn't really read it to my kids, but it made me laugh this morning!

Got a nice little 1.5 mile run in this morning as well as some rowing and swimming - femur is still feeling strong!

What's on your workout agenda for the day?

Are you offended by this book or do you find it as funny as I do?


  1. oh sweetheart... we too went through a period of regression with the twins' sleeping a few weeks ago. i drank a lot and also thought that i was going to lose my mind. but it will get better... it always does! keep drinking. keep running. keep going, mama!

  2. I thought that book hadn't been released yet!

    When I say "Night night time!" Charlie says "NOOOOOOOOO!!!", but they still trot their little butts upstairs. Now, they yak at each other a lot longer these days, but still usually out for the night before 7:30 (bedtime = 7pm).

    I was going to run today, but I've run out of time. I just finished cleaning, still have laundry going, grocery shopping to do, and a meeting with Hospice at 2pm...then picking up the kids, making dinner, baths, bedtime, and I still have to finish my Christmas stocking.

    Sigh. I'm so glad my marathon plan starts on Jan. 1. For some reason I have less excuses when it's written in my log book :)

    Good job on the run/row/swim. You are all sorts of awesome!

  3. My kiddos are a bit older, but I never had a problem with them going to sleep, I just have a problem with them waking up at 5am to start their day. Freaking hated it. I still have one twin that gets up early (6ish) but the other sleeps until noon if you let him (and goes to bed at midnight). Regardless, alcohol helps, no matter if it's late at night....or early in the morning :).

  4. That book is absolutely hilarious! And even better when read out loud...

  5. Please check out my blog ;)

    My almost 5 year old still has lots of problems falling asleep and staying asleep. We have learned to accept it because otherwise we would be crazy by now.

  6. Bedtime battles are the worst! We have been through them more times than I can count!!! So sorry!

    The Sierra Nevada brewery is in Chico where my parents live and we go there every time we visit. I have tons of Sierra Nevada stuff even though I hate beer.

  7. Freaking LOVE that book (and the Samuel L Jackson narration makes it even MORE funny!)

    Merry Christmas!!

  8. That book made me laugh out loud the first time I read it and then to hear Samuel L. Jackson read it made it all the better! The nighttime battles are hard, it will get easier (but probably not real soon).


Hearing from you makes me happy! :)

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